Medworxx Partners

Medworxx partners with several types of organizations and consistently provides each with data-driven, impactful hospital patient flow performance analytics and insight. Vendors align with Medworxx to gain access to its standardized clinical criteria sets that reveal the reasons for barriers and delays in hospital patient flow. 
Types of Medworxx partners
  • Healthcare consultants leverage Medworxx to audit retrospective hospital performance using Medworxx Patient Throughput Review. Learn how the partnership model works. 
  • Technology providers with complimentary services join forces with Medworxx to provide integrated healthcare services. 
  • Resellers and systems integrators align with Medworxx to sell and provide integration, training, and support services for Medworxx Patient Flow Solutions.
  • Alliance partners with shared hospital patient flow improvement goals partner with Medworxx to benefit from the company’s capabilities and experience. 
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems partner directly with Medworxx to deploy any one or a combination of Patient Flow Solutions and Compliance and Education Solutions
Find out more about the Medworxx-Consultant partnership model