Medworxx Helps Southlake Regional Health Centre Streamline Patient Flow

Southlake Regional Health Centre (“Southlake”) is the hub for the Central LHIN (Local Health Integration Network), and has been serving the local community for more than 85 years. As is the case in most hospitals, senior management at Southlake was deeply concerned about the average Length of Stay (LOS) recorded for patients in its acute care units.

At the hospital level, real-time Medworxx UM data and the assimilation of a Medworxx culture into daily clinical process are helping Southlake staff and management, including the CRUC, succeed in their efforts to eliminate barriers to priority patient flow goals outlined in the hospital’s 2011 annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), including:

  • 3 Hours Reduction in wait times in the Emergency Department for admitted patients
  • 15% --> 92%  Increase for which acute care patients have an Estimated Discharge Date (EDD) established
  • 26% --> 10% Reduction in “physician reasons” as a cause for discharge delay
  • 20% --> 6% Reduction in “hospital reasons” as a cause for discharge delay
  • 39% Reduction in LOS in acute- care cases over a one year period

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