Medworxx provides solutions for Patient Flow and Compliance and Education. Medworxx Patient Flow enables appropriate care transitions and fewer readmissions across the continuum of care. With 32% of the acute care beds in Canada, as well as a growing international presence, Medworxx bridges the clinical and operational patient flow perspectives with an increased focus on the appropriateness of care. Medworxx delivers health information technology solutions to over 350 hospitals internationally, 
Medworxx Patient Flow Solutions is comprised of four unique offerings that help hospitals manage patient throughput and capacity using web-based software. Learn more.
Medworxx Compliance and Education Solutions offers three distinct system that help hospitals easily create and deploy content supporting compliance and education regulations. Learn more.
Globally, hospital executives face increasing pressure to improve safety and quality and reduce costs while absorbing heightened demand for complex, integrated care.
Medworxx helps hospitals ensure care transitions are appropriate and improve in key performance areas including: emergency department wait times, admissions volumes, length of stay, resource utilization, timely discharge, bed turnover, denials, readmissions, patient satisfaction, and hospital margins.